services offered

Telebyte’s G.vector Test Laboratory is co-located at, and operated by, the UNH-IOL and offers the equipment and know-how for standards-based testing (such as the Broadband Forum’s TR-249) and beyond. It is open to customers who purchase an annual contract or to those who wish to use the Lab on a pay-per-test basis.

Standards-based testing and more.

 Test to industry standards or raise the bar with supplemental testing profiles to push the envelope on performance.

-  Flexible options include an annual contract with up to four testing reservation spots per year for confidential WT-249/TR-249 testing or Pay-Per-Test arrangements.

-  Now service providers can scrutinize vectoring prior to mass deployment in a rigorous, realistic test environment (far superior to simple spools of wire or other low-tech testing techniques).

Supplement your internal lab. Use the services of the G.vector Test Lab to enhance the amount and/or complexity of testing. Unbiased testing with confidential results. Independent laboratory technicians perform all facets of vectored VDSL2 testing as identified by the customer. Test procedures are executed in secure environments for confidentiality, with documented results and data analysis for post-test evaluation. Reports include tools, software, equipment, etc. used for test environment along with pass or fail results.

exclusive test equipment

Telebyte’s suite of VDSL2 Vectoring test equipment includes a groundbreaking 48-channel crosstalk emulator (for live crosstalk and mechanical interruptions), a 48-channel AWGN generator/injector (for noise injection), and a  multi-output noise simulator (for complex noise such as Alien Crosstalk, RFI and impulse). All products work together for G.vector standards-based testing and beyond.


Telebyte Opens World’s First Independent G.vector Test Laboratory
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